Practice limited to orthodontics

Woodstock, NY and Bronx, NY

US Northeast

(845) 246-2729 --office

(212) 912-1212--cell


ALF Specific Education

20 hours 2017 The Foundation of Movement Level 1--Laynee

               2017 The Foundation of Movement Level 2--Laynee

               2017 Oral Ankyloglossia, Tethered Oral Tissues-- Laynee

14 hours 2017 ALF InterFACE Conference-Nordstrom

14 hours 2006 Foundation for Advanced Craniofacial Esthetic 

                        Studies ALF Level 1--Nordstrom

14 hours 2004 Osteopathic Dental Cranial Orthopedics--Nordstrom

20 hours 2004 Clinical Management of Basic Maxilofacial Orthopedic

                        appliances--John Witzig

40 hours 2002 Botanical Medicine in Modern Clinical Practice--Andrew Weil

20 hours 2002 Laboratory fabrication of Crozat Appliance--NJ Crozat Study Club

24 hours 2000 The Golden Proportion in Facial Aesthetics--Robert Ricketts: Foundation of Orthodontic Research

Study Club Involvement

WG Sutherland Cranial Dental Group (1983-present)

Cranial Academy (1984-present)

ALF Midliners Study Club (2017-present)




Holistic Orthodontics in a Magical Setting

Rhoney Stanley DDS, MPH, has been practicing for over 25 years, bridging the gap between whole health and oral health... 


  • Fixed Braces with Clear Option
  • ALF Appliances
  • Invisalign
  • Functional Applances- Fixed or Removable
  • TMJ and Snore Control Sleep Appliances
  • Cranial Adjustments with Every Visit!

A relaxed atmosphere with a holistic approach.

Dr. Stanley is not only trained in conventional orthodontics, but also  in ALF appliance therapy and myofunctional breathing methods.  She is also certified in complementary alternative health modalities such as acupuncture, Price Pottinger Nutrition and Cranial Osteopathy.  She is a Registered Dietician(RD) in the State of NY.