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226 Avocado Ave El Cajon, California 92020


ALF Specific Training

233 hours 2015-2017 Mini residency Levels 1 and 2 Dr. Jim Bronson14 hours 

2016 ALF InterFACE Conference - Dr. Darick Nordstrom

36 hours current ongoing Nordstrom Faces study group 

ALF Principles Related Training

48 hours 2017 Laynee Restorative Breathing -Lois Laynee

18 hours March 2017 AAMS18 hours September 2016 AAPMD annual meeting 

150 hours 2014-2016 Mini-residency Airway Focused Dentistry - Dr. Barry Raphael and Dr. Mark Cruz 

14 hours March 2015 AAPMD Annual meeting

40 hours June 2016 Cranial Academy

Other related events Community outreach in educating colleagues in ALF. 

Rady Children's ENT department February 2017 Table clinic Presenter : craniofacial growth and development as it relates to aberrant airway function: February 2016 AARD Chicago

Future presentations 

Rady Children's Hospital ENT Department November 2017. 

Rady Pediatric Dentistry Residency program 2017


Laurel M. Morello DDS Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Laurel Morello welcomes you to her El Cajon dental office where you will find the utmost in care and artistry for cosmetic and reconstructive and implant dentistry. With an emphasis on Airway management and dental sleep medicine she meshes the worlds of dentistry and airway to deliver an optimum result functionally and cosmetically while encouraging long term health through sleep and breathing management. Although a snoreguard can assist with restful better oxygenated sleep snoring can be a sign of problems much greater. Learn more with an airway evaluation with Dr. Morello.