General Dentist


In New Albany Ohio and the surrounding

Columbus - Westerville - Mt Vernon - Newark OH areas.

ALF Specific Training

2017 ALF InterFACE Conference-Dr. Nordstrom  et al 26 hours 

Introduction to ALF and Osteopathy Instructor Ljuba Lemke, DMD and Stephen Broderson, DDS 16 hours 2016

ALF Principles Related Training

Holistic Mouth Doctor Mini Residency: Felix Leao DDS  2017 64 hours

Mini Airway Residency 2016 -17

 Mark Cruz DDS and Barry Rapheal DDS MS and many others 64 hours

Myofunctional Therapy with Joy Moeller

AOMT Comprehensive Introduction to Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy 2016 16 hours

AOMT Dr. Irene Marchesan PHD and others Restricted Frenulum Symposium  2016 21 hours

Dr. Kevin L. Boyd, DDS Marana Evans - Ancestry Genetic Potential 8 hours Dayton Dental Society

Steve Broderson, DDS Cranial Bone Anatomy and cranial bone motion 14 hours 2016



The Dental Practice of Dr. John Johnson - Northeast Suburb of Columbus, OH

 At Midwest Holistic Dentistry, we strive to offer exceptional holistic and biological dental care, outstanding customer service and an unparalleled patient experience! Dr. Johnson performs all of the restorative dental work at our practice and is dedicated to improving your overall health by safely removing amalgam/mercury fillings. We do not participate in ANY dental networks which allows our staff to give each patient the time to ask questions, receive only high quality dental work and materials, and not be rushed in and out of the office. We are currently the only office in the Midwest with a safe/clean room for amalgam/mercury removals. You do not need to worry about becoming sick or contaminated while your teeth are being cleaned and repaired.