General Dentist



563 Main St, Bolton MA 01740


ALF Specific Education

240 hours Mini-residency Levels  1,2,3   Dr James Bronson 2014-2017

16 hours 2013 Introductory ALF Course- Nordstrom

16 hours 2014 Advanced and Problem Solving Course- Nordstrom

14 hours 2014 ALF  Introductory Course  Dr Ljuba Lemke

14 hours 2016 ALF InterFACE Conference- Nordstrom

14 hours 2017 ALF InterFACE Conference- Nordstrom

16 hours  2017  ALF  Dr Gavin James Seminars

ALF Principles Related Training

2017 Restoring Autonomic Breathing/Neurosequencing   Level 1 Dr . Lois Laynee

2017 Restoring Autonomic Breathing/Neurosequencing Level 2  Dr Lois Laynee

2015  Laser Training, Frenectomy and Lactation Support- Dr Martin Kaplan, Dr Robert Convissar,

Joy Funston IBCLC

2014 AOMT Introduction to Myofunctional Therapy, Joy Moeller

2013-2015 TMJ Sleep Therapy International, Dr Steven Olmos  

Study Club Involvement

Active member of  ALF Midliners Study Club 2015- present



Our Commitment to You

“We are a dedicated team of professionals whose passion is to deliver the highest caliber and most comprehensive care that dentistry can offer. We strive to provide our services in a calm, friendly, and honest manner in the most comfortable state of the art facility, and look to positively impact the lives of those we touch. We attract patients that value our services and honor their commitment to long-term dental health. In short, the passionate pursuit of perfection is our ultimate goal.”